Site Rules

It is forbidden to post:
β€” insults and profanity;
β€” advertising in any form;
β€” erotic materials;
β€” requests for material assistance;
β€” questions about politics or religion.

It is forbidden to create multiple accounts, imitate another user, use other people’s photos and names. Also, it is forbidden to change your profile data to completely different ones without a good reason, so as not to mislead interlocutors.

It is allowed to be friendly and enjoy socializing :)

Rules for asking questions

Questions must be questions and contain a question mark.

It is forbidden to post in questions:
β€” anecdotes, poems, articles, and any other text that does not contain a question;
β€” Personal addresses, such as "Alex, where are you?"


Questions, answers and comments may be deleted at the discretion of the moderator.

For gross violations users are banned permanently.

Privacy Policy

The site requires, in principle, the collection and use of information.

By using the site, you consent to the collection and processing of your information.

What data are we collecting

We collect basic information about users (email, name, photo, etc.) and what they write and do on the site.

How we collect

When logging in to the site, users agree to transfer their data from the social network through which they log in.
Users enter other information on their own when using the site.

How we protect

Connection to the site is protected by state-of-the-art encryption protocols.
This means that data is securely transferred from the browser to the server and back again.

How we store

All information is stored in databases on secure servers that are monitored around the clock.
Confidential data is stored in encrypted form.

How do we use

Display information on the site, send notifications, analyze β€” we do everything that is necessary to provide and improve our service.

Sign in via Google

When you access the Site through Google, we receive your name, avatar and email to create your profile. This data is stored on our server and is used to display your profile on the site. Your email is not available to third parties and is only used to identify and communicate with you.

Detailed Privacy Policy